Learning to skillfully play a musical instrument such as an acoustic piano is an interesting way to spend one's time at home and when it comes to the life of a musician, being able to play several instruments may be a sign of masterfulness and career success. Most American homes will have an old piano somewhere indicating that Americans have always valued music and  that they consider the instrument important in the pursuit of musical bliss. The actual number of people in the U.S who are actually practicing on the grand piano has been falling over the years though. A noted music authority at Maines, Mr.James Parakilas, believes that Americans still love the piano and the musical notes it can produce, but the time and expense involved have driven people to the digital space where great music can be created and enjoyed at lower costs and less effort. Playing music on the acoustic piano in the united states is today comparable to watching one's favorite movie on white and black TV screens. A survey done by piano manufacturers association in 2005 have revealed that 89% of kids end up dropping the piano, citing too many activities as the main reason.

Digital pianos have replaced the acoustic piano. The digital piano is portable,is more affordable and comes with amazing digital features and capabilities. Continue and discover how you too may acquire the digital piano playing skills.

Try to examine the piano and get familiar with the features the same way you familiarize yourself with the features of a new digital mobile phone.

Try to understand how the black and white keys follow each other. To gain more knowledge on how to play the piano, go to

Read music publications,books or online resources and learn things such as voices, tunes, notes, chords and so on.

Try to play one octave from start to finish such as B to B or C to C, mastering the process.

You now should try to learn how to control the intervals and timings; with the passage of time, your fingers will handle that easily.

Attempt to play on the digital piano songs from a record player. Some modern digital pianos have the capacity to teach you on the screen the correct way to move your fingers. This ability is quite effective in helping you play melodies correctly.

Make it a habit to practice daily with dedication for about 30 minutes. Record the tunes that you play and try to play them back, listening keenly to identify and correct mistakes. Digital pianos will allow you to record the tunes as you continue to train and master the skills you want. As you slowly master a certain tempo or speed of pressing the keys, try to gradually increase your it.

If you do not have a piano already, it is time to visit your local music instrument dealer or to shop from online stores for great bargains, learn piano here!